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World Forum in Action

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Where in the World?

Spin the globe?  Where will the 2019 World Forum be held?  This was the most frequently asked question at the 2017 World Forum.  Those who attended the Annual Meeting heard that starting six months ago, the World Forum Foundation has been researching potential 2019 sites in 29 countries.  We have narrowed the list to three strong candidates.  Watch for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this fall in ExchangeEveryDay and in the World Forum’s e-newsletter, Connect Now.  

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 2019 World Forum, email: [email protected].


2017 International Mud Day

On June 29, 2017, thousands of children and adults celebrated the annual International World Forum Mud Day.  One of the original founders of Mud Day, Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal, wrote an international report of 2017 celebrations.  In it he says,


“Mud Day is an opportunity for Nepalis to celebrate the productivity of the land, appreciate nature, and celebrate with family and friends. International Mud Day connects children with nature in a personal, educational,and fun way.  In addition to seeing the land as a resource that supplies their livelihood, Mud Day encourages children to see the land as something that they can love and enjoy.”


Read his report at and learn about Mud Day at Connect.WorldForumFoundation.org/mud-day/


New People to Meet at Bonnie’s Global Cafe 

In the past six months, Bonnie’s Global Café has traveled to the annual conference of the Asia/Pacific Regional Network on Early Childhood in Cambodia and to the 2017 World Forum in New Zealand. We now have some new friends who stopped by the Café for you to meet:

•       Jessica Staines and Jackie Bennett from Australia talking about what it means to be Aboriginal

•       Elsa Chahin calling for better care for children without homes

•       Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman providing insights on the state of early childhood in Pakistan

•       Savy Lach reflecting on serving marginalized children in rural Cambodia


Stop by the Café today!