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About Julie Wassom

Julie Wassom

Julie Wassom is the editor of Marketing Exchange. Every month, Julie will provide a tip sheet with practical advice on a specific marketing challenge for center directors. She will invite readers to share their ideas and view the ideas of others on the topic.

Julie Wassom is president of The Julian Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm with a specialty in marketing and enrollment building in the early care and education industry. She is the author of The Enrollment Building Success Library, and the free monthly e-zine, Wassom's Child Care Marketing Wisdom. Reach Julie at 303-693-2306, [email protected], or http://www.juliewassom.com.


Success Stories

Exchange celebrates the creativity of early chilhood programs in devising solutions to everyday challenges. We invite you to share your ideas with the readers of Exchange magazine and to view the ideas of others (scroll below to read current posts).

We are looking for all sorts of ideas, both big and small. It could be a technique you use for training staff, a fundraising idea, a fee collections tip, a public relations idea, a financial management tool, a program evaluation approach, a paperwork organization method, or anything that makes your program work better.

If your idea is unique and of potential use by other programs, we will publish it in an upcoming issue of Exchange as well as here on our website. We may contact you for clarification of some points before publication.

In the space below, please identify:

  • the challenge or problem you faced
  • your solution to this problem
  • some details about this solution so others might follow in your footsteps. Be specific!

Thank you for your willingness to share your innovations with Exchange readers!