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A Good Teacher
January 31, 2011
What makes you happy makes you rich.
-Russian proverb
"I think a good teacher of young children should try to be all-seeing, rather than all-knowing;  a good listener, rather than a constant talker.  The emphasis should be on observation and interpretation, rather than relying on past experience for solving every problem that arises."

This insight comes from Carol Hillman in her Exchange book, Teaching Four-Year-Olds: A Personal Journey.  She adds, in part:

"I think a good teacher of young children should look at the children's interests in planning the curriculum, rather than relying on last year's lesson plans.  The emphasis should be on the expressed needs of each child, rather than on preconceived notions of what is good for young children in general...

"A good teacher needs to take great pleasure in setting up a classroom that allows children to explore, to question, to work alone or in a group or with an adult.  A good teacher of young children needs to be wiling to be the same kind of learner that she expects each child in her class to be.

"The most important thing about being a teacher of young children is a willingness to learn about a child by being with a child and responding to a child."

Teaching Young Children Tool Kit

Exchange has packaged seven of its teaching resources into a single "Teaching Young Children Tool Kit" and is offering the entire set at a discount.  Separately these resources would cost $194.00, but we are offering the entire Tool Kit for only $154.

Resources in the kit include:

  • Beginnings Workshops Book #3 - Child Development
  • Beginnings Workshops Book #7 - Child Development II
  • Places for Childhoods: Making Quality Happen in the Real World
  • Teaching Four-Year-Olds: A Personal Journey
  • The Intentional Teacher
  • Voices DVD: Caring for Infants and Young Toddlers


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Kirsten Haugen · January 31, 2011
Eugene, OR, United States

Wonderfully stated. I appreciate that Carol Hillman is sharing her insights about teaching young children, but the same could apply to working with children and youth of all ages... just imagine!

diedra miller · January 31, 2011
ISD Head Start
Saginaw, MI, United States

This an awesome article. Thank you for sharing!!!

nadhira koyakutty · January 31, 2011

fullly agreed :)

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