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More Good Wishes
March 16, 2018
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
-Albert Einstein

Here are some more 40-year anniversary wishes for Exchange magazine, contributed by members of the Exchange Leadership Initiative:

From Lori Prospero,
Executive Director, Owl Child Care Services of Ontario
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations on 40 years!

Exchange magazine has supported our profession and led to some great discussions and article reviews amongst our team. In addition, we often share nuggets from Exchange Every Day posts with our members via our Facebook page. Such posts have generated important conversations with parents and educators. Thank you for your continued leadership.

From Jamie Bonczyk,
Director of Health and Nutrition; Master Trainer, Parents in Community Action, Inc. Head Start; Minnesota Center for Professional Development
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Exchange has a way of finding the gems of Early Childhood and shining a light on them for all to see. I have had the privilege of working with some of these outstanding authors and contributors and they helped shape my career. Like many Exchange authors, it is unlikely that they have any clue what a giant impact they had on the careers of others. 

I started my career in Early Childhood at the lab school on the Minnesota State University campus in Moorhead, MN. One of the teachers that I was able to learn from was Michael Gallo, co-author of “Guidance with Children Who Show Challenging Behaviors" (September/October 2015) and “Developmentally Appropriate Leadership With Children Who Show Challenging Behaviors - Seven Guiding Principles” (November/December 2015). His modeling helped inform my teaching career, especially how I wanted to present myself to the children that I worked with… 

Later in my career, while working in Chicago, I found myself being inspired by and working with Kofi Darku (“Expanding the Notion of Quality Outcomes” November/December 2014) and Kristie Norwood (“Hearing the Voices of Our Teachers” January/February 2012 and “Our Work is More Than Our Job” May/June 2016). Both encouraged me to think big and reach for my potential as a leader. This support came at a pivotal time as I was transiting from a classroom teacher into both adult education and administration. 

Exchange articles have allowed me to keep up with the thoughts of those that helped set my foundation. These articles have also provided discussion points with professionals I hope will become future authors, contributors and leaders in the field of Early Childhood. Happy 40th Exchange! May the candles on your cake provide the glow of hope and support to those in the field for many more years. 

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