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Hodgins on Halloween
October 31, 2014

The proper time to influence the character of a child is about a hundred years before he is born.
-W.R. Inge


In his Facebook post for October 27, Dan Hodgins, observes...

"It is my annual rant about Halloween and Young Children....  'Never take candy from a stranger,' 'Never talk to strangers.'  So then we say to young children, 'Go up to the door and say, Trick or Treat, and then you will get some candy, from a stranger'.... or 'Lets dress up in some really strange clothes and be nice to the strangers.'

"If that is not confusing enough... how about young children not being able to understand the concept of transformation?  You can change right in front of a young child by putting on a mask and clothing and that young child still doesn't recognize that it is the same person under all that disguise.  They are often scared and confused....  Let's wait until they are older and can enjoy the experience....  What's the rush?  Does that make sense?"

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Displaying All 3 Comments
Gale Wiik
Breezy Point Day School
upper holland, Pennsylvania, United States
10/31/2014 08:54 am

Just returned to my office from our school's Halloween parade and the party still goes on. It was fun and wonderful for children and parents and grandparents alike. Kids paraded and sang and loved wearing their costumes. It was a beautiful time outside with the lovely grounds of the school. Sure there were a couple of criers and sure some kids felt overwhelmed for a few minutes, but I believe it is good for a child to experience those feelings of being scared or overwhelmed in a controlled environment. I believe it helps them deal with other life situations with the knowledge that he or she can survive. Don't overprotect children.

United States
10/31/2014 06:46 am

ABsolutely love this holiday. My child only trick or treats with us and we always go to our neighbors homes. We do not visit strangers. WE get so much exercise that night (waling for two hours) and my daughter loves to create her own costumes. This wonderful experience has been passed down from my parents. Sounds like the author of this article does not understand the holiday either.

Judy Metzger
United States
10/31/2014 05:23 am

Not to mention we are an obese society having children beg for candy. Have never understood this "holiday"!!!

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