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Child Assessment Misunderstandings
April 24, 2014

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes


In the Exchange video training DVD, VOICES: Child Assessment, Debra Sullivan, Lilian Katz, Nancy Rosenow, Elanna Yalow, and Johnna Darragh Ernst talk about common misunderstandings about child assessment.  To view this six-minute video clip, go to Child Assessment.

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Denver, CO, United States
04/24/2014 08:35 am

While I think this video is a good starting point, I think it misses some key issues. I teach exceptional children at a community college, and two things I stress are, 1) many instruments used on young children are not reliable and not valid (especially when used by people who are not trained and on diverse students), and 2) there is a very unhealthy tendency by some teachers to automatically categorize children, instead of first exploring ways to change the environment and their approach to teaching. And the reality is that once a child has a label, the label does follow the child.

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