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Journeys in Leadership: Tips for Re-Energizing Our Work Lives

by Nancy Rosenow
May/June 2019
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We all run into times in our work where it begins to feel like our challenges outnumber our joys. It is exactly then that we need ways to help us re-energize and tap back into the reasons we have chosen to be early childhood professionals. 

I was curious about what strategies leaders in our Exchange network find most helpful in fending off low energy. So I asked! Following is a sampling of ideas to use when you are looking for a shot of inspiration. I hope you find just what you need. Enjoy!


Learn Something New

Heidi LaBounty, director at Seeds of Faith Early Learning Center and a member of the Exchange Leadership Initiative, shared this thought:

“I have been the director of the same early childhood program since 2003. There have been times when I have felt complacent or in need of a boost. What typically invigorates me is learning something new. Learning ignites my passions and keeps me current on best practices in our field. During times when I felt burnout coming on, I challenged myself to find a new idea for my program that made me excited about coming to work every day. An effective ...

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