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Managing Challenging Behaviors Through Self-Regulation

by Linda M. Caldwell
May/June 2019
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“Bronson is always taking away toys from other children.”

“Sophie seems to get upset when we ask her to do simple things to the point where we don’t ask her anymore.”

“Amanda does not seem to have too many friends, they don’t want to play with her because she does not share and hits them.”

“We don’t understand why Jimmy does things to always sit in time out, it seems he enjoys it!”

These frustrations seem to be a common thread in many child care centers across the country. It appears that more and more children are out of control starting at an earlier age than ever before. As child care professionals, we are trained in managing children but it seems that if the center were to hire a behavioral specialist, it would make group supervisor’s jobs a whole lot easier. What are teachers to do to manage children’s behaviors so that positive, productive early childhood education may continue?

Let’s look closely at why these behaviors may occur and what staff are doing to manage them. Is it possible that the way that we are managing children’s behavior is actually reinforcing negative behaviors?


Behavior is a method of communication. ...

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