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November/December 2017
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Reflections from 2017 World Forum

The World Forum on Early Care and Education, held in Auckland held last May, inspired participants interested in connecting children with nature. Read on to discover the reflections from just a few of the participants and how their experiences inspired and motivated them. During the opening sessions, representatives from the Nature Action Collaborative for Children and OnDesign Working Group presented “Principles for Creating Environments that Support Joy and Resilience.” Claire Warden from Scotland issued this call to action for all of us who are working on behalf of children and their connections to nature:

“There is an uncertainty in the time we are in for young ­children. We need to think about the strength of our hearts and how we can help those children find some form of harmony, some sense of inner resilience. We need to think about our ideas, hopes, dreams, budgets, circumstances, and cultures and work together to start to believe in what is possible for young children. As adults, I feel our souls rejoice when we are in the natural world. It’s a place of beauty, it’s a place of challenge, it’s a place of connection to something bigger than us. I believe ...

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